A visionary catalyst for change, Jana brings deep understanding, intuitive insight and “old soul” wisdom to the transformative journey of becoming the person you are meant to be, living life with love and deep relatedness—a life with heart.

She is truly passionate about empowering individuals to move beyond self-diminishing behavioral patterns to live a connected life, confidently standing in full knowing and valuing of themselves.

Jana has over 35 years of experience fostering healing, growth and transformation, supporting people internationally through her Life With Heart Center to successfully navigate life transitions and challenges.  She holds a doctorate degree in psychology and is a licensed psychotherapist, board-certified coach, and inspirational workshop leader.

In addition, Jana is a Senior Certified Coach licensed to integrate the powerful concepts, processes, and tools from Conscious Uncoupling and Calling in the One (created by Katherine Woodward Thomas) and Feminine Power (created by Katherine Woodward Thomas and Claire Zammat)  into her Transformative Coaching programs, when most appropriate.  She has trained extensively with both creators and has been a mentor coach to 1000’s of participants in the three programs.